NEC-P RS-100L with WaffleCell

Tokyo, 30 May, 2019


NEC Platforms Announced to Ship WaffleCell Pre-Installed Router/Server Model in a few Months.

NEC Platforms, a subsidiary of NEC corporation, announced today that it will release a WaffleCell pre-installed router/server,RS-100L, within a few months. RS-100L includes router/UTM/server in a box. It will be the world's first model of this type.

WaffleCell is a server operating system specifically designed for personal and small business use. It makes it possible for non-engineers to setup a server at home and small offices. Replacing the original router with RS-100L, the user will have his/her own on-premise server that one can access to it via the Internet. Many application software can be installed by the user with ease.

Waffle Computer Inc., Ltd. plans to sell three million WaffleCell licenses to the server/router manufactures in the next three years. We expect that 35% of them will be router/server integrated models like RS-100L. In the future, we would like to reconstruct the Internet infrastructure more distributed by placing millions of WaffleCells at the Internet nodes.


Waffle Computer Inc., Ltd. / TEGLET R&D